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You have impeccable taste. Thanks for all of the work you've put into this blog. I've been a long time lurker here, and your url has survived 3 computers, 2 jobs and a new hard drive. That's a long time to last in the swift current of 'favorites'.

Thanks again,


Hi Tom,
That is the nicest comment!!! thank you so much. I regret that I don't have time to update as regularly as I would like to (I have too many blogs). Thanks for visiting! - Lili


thanks for including my luchadors in this lovely list!!


What we really need on the internet is more cutesy shit -- in fact, if we could lean toward the folksy scene it would be all the better.

Kill yourself.


I just noticed the picture of the ‘Scandinavian Hedgehog’ and would like to point out that it is not a Lisa Larson, as it looks on the Google page! The real Lisa Larson hedgehog can be found on: http://powershovel.co.jp/en/works7.html

To learn more about Lisa Larson check out: http://lisalarsonsweden.com/home/en/

Vinyl Toys Central

Those Avon small word figurines are cute ones..are they vinyl toys? they look like ones..anyhow, for vinyl toys website, here is http://www.vinyltoyscentral.com/

betty boop figurines

These avon figurines are really cute. It can be a good decoration and a cute collection in your home.


I love the Totem pendant. They looks so cool and native to me. I also find the folk art figures nice. I am very glad that I had seen these things because of your blog.

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You could picture the culture that it have. Seeing such things that reflects what culture a country have is really inspirational.

double glazing

They are absolutely cute. This could be added in your collection since they have unique design and colors.

Double Glazing

There are lots of cute things. And it includes the pictures above. They are really cute. Well, I think I need to this things too.

Betty Boop Figurines

Honestly, all of them are cute. I enjoyed seeing them.


Statues and figurines are often added to the room décor to complete the look, be it at home or in the office. In the earlier days the rich people paid the sculptors to make statues of their choice for placing them anywhere from the gardens to the rooftops.

Anj Aurelio

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